UCAS - Personal Statement Help - Practice Interviews - UCAT test and BMAT test Tuition

Free consultation for your ucas application

If you are in year 12 or 13, you will be going through the UCAS process. We offer a free initial consultation to find out what help you are looking for with this complicated process. This will last about 30 minutes.

Personal statement help and interview practice

Your personal statement will be one of the main ways to sell yourself to the universities you are applying to. This should be concise, well written and original. We can offer advice with personal statements; from helping you plan it, making suggestions for improvements and enabling you to stand out. We don’t offer to write it for you!

For the more competitive courses, many will use interviews. Particularly Oxford and Cambridge and courses such as medicine. We can give you practice interviews and more importantly, feedback on how to improve. We will record the interview and we will go back over each aspect discussing it in depth.

Hourly Rate

We charge £70 per hour for either personal statement help or interview practice. This includes a recording of the session. Payment is by paypal in advance of of the session.

Booking multiple UCAS sessions

We will offer a discount for booking a series of sessons. Please contact us for more information.

UCAT and BMAT Tests

These entrance tests are hugely important and either one is used by the majority of medical schools. Those who are successful and gain good scores in these tests have practised rigorously but some guidance on how to tackle them is hugely useful. We charge by the hour so that individuals can concentrate on particular areas they are struggling with, rather than offering a whole course which may emcompass subjects with which they are more confident.

UCAT practice papers together with those testing BMAT should be completed regularly to give you the best possible chance of success.



We charge £70 per hour for UCAT tuition. Experience shows that most individuals find that about 4 hours is useful.


We charge £70 per hour for BMAT tuition.