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“The course was excellent- lots of examples and tips on how to improve”

– Adam S, Cardiff

BMAT tips for 2020


BMAT preparation advice

The BMAT exam consists of three sections:

1. Thinking skills (formerly aptitude and skills)

2. Scientific knowledge and application.

3. The writing task.

The exam was essentially introduced to combat grade inflation. Candidates were gaining top marks through hard work and application (and retaking modules) and the top grades failed to differentiate those who worked hard from those with innate intelligence. The BMAT exam does this well. Having said that, it is possible to improve on your marks by learning strategies and practising past papers. Pupils tend to find the Section 1 questions challenging and we therefore spend quite a bit of times looking over these. As scientists, they also tend to have a irrational fear of the last section- writing an essay. We can show them that this is entirely formulaic and tests clear communication skills.  

BMAT tips through one-to-one tuition

We offer help through personalised tuition. Many other providers will teach in groups or webinars and lack the individual attention needed. We don’t offer a complete course as we feel that individuals might not want help with a particular aspect e.g. scientific knowledge. During the initial consultation we can identify areas of particular concern and devise a series of personalised lessons for that individual. We have been guiding pupils through the test since it’s inception and early stages as the MVAT exam. 


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